The Time Traveler Series


After almost 2 years, and 3 ridiculously detailed art pieces later, the Time Traveler Series is complete.

It was actually never my intention to turn it into a series. After the first piece (Time Will Tell) became one of my most well known works I decided to create a second, updated version for it’s one year anniversary (The Mother of Time Travel).

For a while I considered adding a new piece to the series every year on the original’s anniversary to be able to see my progress and style changes that would inevitably happen after another year of practice.

Shortly after I completed The Mother of Time Travel I ended up no longer owning Time Will Tell. I figured that that would be the end of the series; a pair of artworks that I would always own half of. That is actually the main reason why the third piece (The Future Will Be A Wondrous Place) ending up being a paper artwork.

By making The Future Will Be A Wondrous Place a paper lightbox I could release the template so that anyone could own one by making one for themselves (the template is here if you’re interested).

These art pieces are definitely three of my most complicated and time consuming works to date but also some of my most important. I can easily say that I wouldn’t be doing half of the things I get to do today without Time Will Tell.

Thank you for all of your support and interest towards the series. Below are some notes on the pieces as well as a behind the scenes look at their creation.

General notes for the series:

  • All 3 pieces have the same clock featured; it’s actually the only thing I’ve ever drawn the exact same way in multiple artworks.
  • The 3 pieces represent the 3 points in time: present (Time Will Tell), past (The Mother of Time Travel), and future (The Future Will Be A Wondrous Place).
  • Each one has a different viewpoint of Helena; front, side, back.
  • The 3 titles put together creates Time will tell the mother of time travel ‘The future will be a wondrous place’.

Time Will Tell

Materials used: Watercolour, coloured pencils, gel pen & metallic gold marker

Gear Count: 29


  • The H.G.W written on the clock face are the initials for Helena G. Wells
  • The clock hands are designed after the grappler hooks
  • The time on the clock is 9:21 ; H.G. Wells’ actual birthday
  • One of the gears has an apple in the center
  • One of the gears was designed to look like the astrolabe

The Mother of Time Travel

Materials used: Coloured pencils on wood

Gear count: 43


  • The medallion in the center is Helena’s locket
  • The sketch was drawn on paper then transferred onto the wood plaque
  • The most time consuming out of the 3 pieces

The Future Will Be A Wondrous Place

Materials used: Cardstock paper, glue & foam core board

Gear count: 55


  • There is an apple in the center-top of the boarder
  • The two clock times are 4: 21 and 8:10/20:10 to represent April 21, 2010; the day Helena and Myka meet
  • There is a stop motion video of the process here if you’re interested

Prints & other products are available for each piece on my Redbubble Store