If you are interested in commissioning me to create some artwork, you’ve come to the right place! No matter if you’re interested in a personal watercolour painting, tattoo design or something else, we can work closely to create the perfect design for you. As these types of artwork are very dependant on the details per project, you will need to contact me for a pricing quote at or go through the contact form:

Some things to consider mentioning in the email:

  • style (realistic, cartoony, etc.)
  • colour or black and white
  • medium preference (watercolour, coloured pencil, etc.)
  • size preference

If inquiry is for a portrait/person:

  • whether you want the drawing to be full body, upper torso, or face closeup
  • background or no background

If you are interested in a more specific project, here is some basic information to get you started: 

Paper cut print commissions start at $25 USD

Paper lightbox commissions start at $30 USD


All commissions will require a 20% deposit after negotiations are made and agreed on. Payment will be through PayPal. Shipping charges may apply if commission includes physical product.